Mineralza, founded in 1951 by Dr. Jeffery Paul and headquartered in Las Vegas, USA, is a medical nursing brand dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life.
        Dr. Jeffery Paul is one of the most famous dermatologists in American history. Born in the upper class, he was well-known for treating skin health problems for numerous celebrities and dignitaries at Beverly Hills.
        Jeffery's excellent medical skills attracted more and more patients, which made it hard for him to treat every patient himself. He felt sorry because he believed that everyone has the right to regain a healthy body and quality of life regardless of class background and status.
         His wife suggested that he could turn his medical skills into products available for anyone to help more people in need in the world. And thus, Dr. Jeffrey Paul founded the Mineralza brand in 1951, and his large-scale products including eyelash extender, hair growth conditioner, skin care and cosmetics products became popular all over the world. Dr. Jeffrey Paul finally used his meager power to benefit everyone in the world.