Product introduction

Mineralza Anti-Blister Stick was started from 1951. It is one of the most popular foot care products in America. Its main ingredients are extracted from plants and minerals. It is 100% safe and gentle. Anti-Blister Stick is designed to reduce the friction. In addition, it could be a good anti-blister product and smoothing skin for preventing callus.

Many local families choose to add the Anti-Blister Stick to their purchase lists. It is a small but useful product. It’s better to keep two of them with you. Put one in your bag, while keep another one at home. In recent years, it is even become more popular that Hollywood stars would choose the Mineralza’s Anti-Blister Stick to protect their feet from friction. Since Mineralza’s Anti-Blister Stick is gentle safe and invisible, it becomes the best choice for ladies who wear high heels for a long time and wear new shoes a lot.

Product introduction

This project was inspired by 9-11. Mineralza laboratory joined the environmental cleaning project. After several years and millions investment, the research and development group finally created this Bad Air Absorbent.

The Bad Air Absorbent is well known for its excellent performance. It is widely used in commercial, even, extreme conditions. This product is used in factories, hospitals and schools.

The magic of the Bad Air Absorbent is that it really works well in absorbing all kinds of air pollutions. It can sponge smokes, dust, formaldehyde, sharp smelling of paint, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases. Its unique blue gel (# 689) can decompose odor molecules contained in the air. Then the unique activated carbon (# 351) ingredient will adsorb harmful substances, like formaldehyde, benzene, tar etc, to refresh the air

We highly recommend that you keep the Bad Air Absorbent in your home and cars to get rid of harmful gases. Release yourself from odor in car, bad smelling in crowded offices, sharp paint in new apartments, smoke in the kitchen and smoke from family members. Keep your air clean and fresh by using the Bad Air Absorbent.

The Bad Air Absorbent can remove harmful substances attached on the furniture, carpets, walls, and all kinds of surfaces. It works on removing indoor harmful gases and odor. It can also be used in offices, hospitals, schools, workshops, shopping malls, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc! The Bad Air Absorbent is also your best friend for the newly decorated houses, maternal and baby rooms and cars.