Product introduction

Mineralza® Anti-Blister Stick was started from 1951. It is one of the most popular foot care products in America. Its main ingredients are extracted from plants and minerals. It is 100% safe and gentle. Anti-Blister Stick is designed to reduce the friction. In addition, it could be a good anti-blister product and smoothing skin for preventing callus.

Many local families choose to add the Anti-Blister Stick to their purchase lists. It is a small but useful product. It’s better to keep two of them with you. Put one in your bag, while keep another one at home. In recent years, it is even become more popular that Hollywood stars would choose the Mineralza® Anti-Blister Stick to protect their feet from friction. Since Mineralza® Anti-Blister Stick is gentle safe and invisible, it becomes the best choice for ladies who wear high heels for a long time and wear new shoes a lot.

Product introduction

Mineralza® Eyelash & Eyebrow Multi-active Serum is formulated with contains synergistic effects of peptides and plant ingredients, nourishing eyelash & eyebrow, replenishing moisture and nutrition, making eyelash & eyebrow smooth and shiny.

The products contain a perfectly balanced mix of potent Polypeptides, and variety of plant extracts , uses the exclusive Mineralza® Complex formula to condition your lashes to look stronger, fuller, thicker and healthier in as few as 9 weeks.that helps revitalize, invigorate and condition eyelash & eyebrow.

This blend, unique to Mineralza®,helps promote more youthful-looking, lush appearance of eyebrows.Effortless three a day application – and eyelash & eyebrow are set and tamed every day and deeply nourished at night.